Sunday, 29 March 2015

April twinchie challenge

I am really looking forward to doing this challenge with everyone. The challenge itself I thought about due to having a art swap in which the theme was squares. I instantly thought about doing a series of twinchies.

Twinchies are 2 inch by 2 inch pieces of artwork. It is like art journalling in miniture. The great thing I feel is that these pieces can take less time to do and you can experiment with new techniques and textures without the fear that you are spoiling your big piece of artwork.  

The challenge itself is as follows 

You complete a twinchie a day.

Each one must take no longer than 30 minutes 

I hope that everyone likes the challenge there is no theme to follow. However you may wish to incorporate elements from your day, maybe part of a receipt from a purchase, a stamp from a letter you received? 

I do not want people to have to buy anything to complete this challenge the idea is to use up some of your scraps as we all have these tiny pieces of paper lying around that need using!

 I hope this short video explains the challenge more and what our end result will be. 

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